Patom Organic Rose Body Scrub 有機玫瑰身體磨砂膏


Rose water & rose extract tightens skin and pores and provides a good source of antioxidants. Ground up macadamia shells are used as a gently exfoliate for your skin to promote growth of new skin cells. The base of our body scrub contains coconut oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and helps soften and nourish skin. Moringa oil extract reduces wrinkle marks and provides a natural source of Vitamin A. It also helps erase dark spots on skin and moisturizes dry skin. Jojoba oil helps the skin absorb all of the nutrients in the scrub easily and helps with PH balance


Made in Thailand

Natural and high organic content materials

100% Vegan | No Animal Testing 


玫瑰水和玫瑰提取物可收緊皮膚和毛孔,並提供良好的抗氧化劑來源。磨碎的堅果殼可用作溫和去角質劑,以促進新皮膚細胞的生長。我們身體磨砂膏的基底含有椰子油,富含維生素 E,有助於軟化和滋養肌膚。辣木油提取物可減少皺紋痕跡並提供維生素 A 的天然來源。它還有助於消除皮膚上的黑斑並滋潤乾燥的皮膚。荷荷巴油幫助皮膚輕鬆吸收磨砂膏中的所有營養成分,並有助於 PH 平衡




100% 純素 |沒有動物試驗




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